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Lands for sale in Bangalore

Indira Nagar in East Bangalore showed the maximum appreciation in capital prices over the last two quarters moving up from Rs 5590 to Rs 6345 per square feet. Indira Nagar has given a 375 per cent return on investment in property from 2005 although this uptrend in property prices has been fractured and laced with downtrends as well. However those who have hung on to their investments in this turbulent period today stand to make a neat profit. Brookefield, also in East Bangalore happens to be another area delivering handsome returns to the tune of 10 per cent over the last two quarters. Psf rates have moved up from Rs 3652 to Rs 4026 from first quarter of 2011-2012 to second quarter 2011-2012. This locality has also delivered a rate of return of close to 88 per cent from 2005 onwards although the locality broke through the Rs 4000 per square feet barrier as late as Q2-2011 and this too for a brief period of time. While one part of Bangalore East-Indira Nagar has done very well with respect to real estate movement, another part of East Bangalore-the Old Air Port road has actually moved in the negative by 15 per cent from Rs 4122 to Rs 3465 per square feet. However, this dip has crept in only in the last quarter and there has been a steady uptrend from Q1 of 2010. If one looks at the larger picture and moves the clock back to 2005, this area has delivered a 93 per cent appreciation on capital value.

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